School Districts

School Districts

NASTEC International employs the world’s leading security experts and ex-military personnel to join forces with government entities such as school districts, to build customized solutions for our clients and their campuses. Our team possesses the expertise, experience, and personnel necessary to safeguard our students from danger.

NASTEC is committed to providing the best in physical security protection. Our stringent personnel requirements and vast expertise offer us the upper hand in establishing the optimal security measures and risk balancing for you and your organization. Our officers are well-trained by experts specializing in the unique needs and challenges of school safety, such as active shooter protocol. We offer armed and unarmed agents. Their primary objectives are to deter potential threats and to engage during critical incidents.

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Our protection comes through
services that inform, empower, and inspire certainty.


“We were able to redeploy and reallocate police officers to handle higher priority calls within the community and let NASTEC handle most lower level calls. NASTEC International was an unbelievable asset and resource for me and the City of Beverly Hills.“
Marc Coopwood
Nastec Senior Consultant

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