The collaboration between cities/police departments and private security firms such as Nastec, allows for Police Chiefs, City Managers and City Councils to provide supplemental relief that enables law enforcement to respond to and address higher priority issues; while private security personnel work as force multipliers to address lower priority issues and respond to non-emergency calls. There are minimal to no additional costs to the city as most cities have existing budgets allotted to solving this problem. NASTEC is helping to build a bridge between cities and its community members.

Image of Nastec Police Departments

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“We were able to redeploy and reallocate police officers to handle higher priority calls within the community and let NASTEC handle most lower level calls. NASTEC International was an unbelievable asset and resource for me and the City of Beverly Hills.“
Marc Coopwood
Nastec Senior Consultant
Global HQ
North America California
23875 Ventura Blvd #204
Calabasas, CA 91302
West Africa Office
Accra Ghana
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