Security, Services & Management
  • Armed and Unarmed Security
  • Asset Search and Recover
  • Due Diligence and Background
  • Executive Protection
  • Fraud & Financial Investigation
  • Litigation Support
  • Risk Consulting
  • Social Media Intelligence
Executive Protection
NASTEC can provide you with a highly customized executive protection program that is tailored to suit your needs and that of your family, staff, shareholders, and constituents. We offer the best counter-surveillance and protective intelligence services because our team of experts works 24-7 to provide you the most efficient security options. NASTEC will keep you and your family safe.
Risk Consulting
NASTEC provides our customers with an improved understanding of the risks and opportunities that their businesses face. We help them navigate the specific political and economic climate within which they operate. NASTEC can keep you safe from both internal and external threats.
NASTEC International employs the world’s leading information security experts to build customized safeguards for our clients. We have the knowledge, experience, and people to protect your organization from computer misuse, hacking, fraud, and theft. You can trust NASTEC with your data security needs.
Physical Security
NASTEC is committed to providing the best in physical security protection. Our rigid personnel standards and extensive experience gives us the edge in designing the right balance of security controls and risk for you and your organization.