Nastec is one of the top private security providers in the world.

Our protection comes through
services that inform, empower, and inspire certainty.

Our commitment is to safeguard your lifestyle and defend your freedom. It’s what enables us to feel worthy of the trust and confidence we`ve instilled in our clients for over 20 years.
Unrestricted access to our most trustworthy security consultants allows us to transform risk into opportunity. When clients are kept in the know with crucial information and vital insights, they feel secure in making strategic decisions.


More than a goal; it is a lifestyle


Investigation begins with a critical eye; attention to detail is the key to success.


Adherence to ethical practices is the only acceptable means.


We communicate clearly with only the most important words: the truth.


All people are deserving of freedom and protection.


Cooperation is the reason we exist, and we employ this with our entire network.