NASTEC International

NASTEC International is committed to assisting in the world’s effort to fight terrorism. As an organization, we possess the life experience, knowledge, and expertise to help ensure that this fight is won.

NASTEC International has a unique approach in that our goal is in providing a safe and secure environment.

With agents strategically placed internationally, in countries such as England, Israel and headquartered in the United States, NASTEC is able to provide our extensive expertise worldwide. The range of services NASTEC offers includes; Security, Executive Protection, Aviation & Maritime Security, Special Event Security, Crisis Prevention/Intervention, Confidential Investigation Services, Law Enforcement and Sky Marshall Training.

Our highly-skilled team of experts is comprised of diverse backgrounds ranging from local law enforcement to international intelligence agencies. We meticulously screen each potential employee and select only the best and most motivated to be members of the NASTEC team.

We go to great lengths to guarantee a superior level of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality. The success of NASTEC is based on forging client relationships, understanding your specific requirements and meeting your needs consistently.

In your quest for peace of mind choose NASTEC International!